Are YOU washing your hair wrong?

Are YOU washing your hair wrong?

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Are YOU washing your hair wrong? Spend twice as long rinsing as lathering, don’t shampoo ends and NEVER towel dry… how simple changes can give you glossy locks
It’s something we all do on a near daily basis, but could the reason behind those all-too-frequent ‘bad hair days’ be because you’re washing your hair wrong?

The reason your hair feels silky soft after a visit to Elixir White isn’t pure coincidence; it’s because we are carefully trained to wash and condition hair using a tried-and-tested regime.

There is, in fact, a wrong way to wash your hair, and getting it wrong can take your hair from silky and shiny to totally lackluster and damaged. Follow our step by step on how to wash your hair.


Did you know that you only need to use product on your scalp and no necessarily the ends? By working your shampoo into the top section of your hair and then rinsing it out, it automatically cleanses the ends and stops damage occurring in the lengths.

Extreme care should be taken when washing your hair and while you may think scrubbing hard will thoroughly cleanse it, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Putting too much pressure on your scalp can actually result in greasier hair. Don’t rub your scalp too vigorously. This will encourage oil secretion from the sebaceous gland.

It’s imperative to rinse your hair for twice the amount of time as lathering on product and never use hot water.

Washing your hair in tepid water is better for the follicles too. The hot water activates the sebaceous gland which secretes oil and can leave hair greasy soon after washing. Use warm, tepid water for ultra clean hair and to extend the life of your blow dry.


Thought a standard shampoo will give you the hair of your dreams? Wrong. We put our hair through a lot in the week, so as you might exfoliate your skin once a week to remove dead skin cells, washing hair with a clarifying shampoo will allow hair and scalp to breathe.

Use a clarifying shampoo, L’Oreal Professionnel Expert Serie – Pure Resource Purifying Shampoo once a week to remove impurities and product build up.

It’s essential to work scalp care treatments into your regime. This is where the nutrients are produced to support healthy hair growth.

Scalp care products from the L’Oreal scalp range can help leave hair feeling thicker, shinier and more resistant.

To achieve the best results from your shampoo, make sure hair is well saturated with water this will help in achieving the best lather, allowing the hair and scalp to be cleansed thoroughly.

Two shampoos is advisable to make sure hair and scalp is thoroughly cleansed and always finish with a conditioner appropriate for your hair type and avoid conditioner on the scalp to prevent oily roots.


You may be in a rush, but it is important to avoiding towel drying.

When drying, avoid rubbing with towels, this creates friction and can damage the cuticle leaving hair dull and lifeless, blot dry instead to prevent damage.

Dabbing your hair with the towel, followed by a quick squeeze to get rid of excess water is the way forward.

It’s also important to avoid combing your hair after you’ve showered and instead take a wide-toothed comb through locks whilst your in the shower waiting for your conditioner to work its magic.

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