How to: The Ponytail

How to: The Ponytail

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The ponytail was one of the most re-created looks of spring summer 2015. L’Oréal Professionnel and our team of expert session stylists show you how to create three different, on-trend ponytail hairstyles using a few of our key products.

The Wrap-Around Ponytail

Re-create the look:

Step One: Use Tecni.ART Liss Control to prep hair and polish it clean for a morning fresh look

Step Two: Create a low ponytail at the back and double over into a horseshoe shape

Step Three: Tie ponytail with a stray piece of fabric – we suggest re-using a piece from an old silk scarf

Step Four: Secure the style with a piece of elastic underneath

Step Five: Use Tecni.ART Pli directly onto a blusher brush and sweep over the hair from front to back to get rid of any fly-aways

Step Six: Finish off the look with Tecni.ART Infinium spray to set the style in place

The Poolside, Doubled-Up Ponytail

Re-create the look:

Step One: Prep hair with Tecni.ART Pli

Step Two: Blow-dry in and leave to set

Step Three: Using your fingers, use a spray or two of Tecni.ART Crystal Gloss to pull hair into a mid to low pony and give it extra shine

Step Four: Tie the ponytail into even sections (two to three dependent on length of hair)

Step Five: Tease hair out to give ponytail sections some volume

Step Six: Finish with Mythic Oil and Tecni.ART Infinium spray for added shine and hold

The Low Pony

Re-create the look:

Step One: Prep the roots and mid lengths with Tecni.ART Full Volume mousse and blow-dry back

Step Two: Lightly backcomb the top of the hair for shape

Step Three: Brush hair back with a comb into a low ponytail and secure with elastic

Step Four: Tecni.ART Glue is used to brush the hairline back and should be blended into the hair

Step Five: Wrap a two inch section of hair around the ponytail and secure with pins

Step Six: Finish by roughing up the ponytail slightly and finishing with Tecni.ART Infinium spray

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