Three hottest hairstyles for brides in 2015…

Three hottest hairstyles for brides in 2015…

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The high class Chignon
For brides seeking timeless elegance, this look ticks all the boxes and is super flattering to your face, pairing beautifully with strapless gowns…

Step one Prep hair with a heat styling balm to give a workable protective base, then blow dry through with a large round brush, making sure to focus on creating a curve to the ends of your hair. This flex in texture will make the hair easier to roll into the shape.

Step two Using a bungee cord or hair elastic, brush all of your hair back, smoothing the sides for shine. Fix into a ponytail set at the crown. As every bride’s face shape differs, placing the bun at your own natural crown-point will automatically flatter and lift your face shape, accentuating your cheekbones.

Step three Unless you have very long hair, use a lightweight sponge donut to create the bun shape. Slip the pony through the ring of the donut and secure with long pins at the base pushing them in towards to the band of the pony to hide them.

Step four Puff up the texture of your ponytail by gently brushing back against the hair length, increasing the volume, then use hairspray to support the fullness you have created. Using a light touch, softly smooth the outside of the ponytail whilst keeping its plumpness. Roll the hair over and around the donut using kirby grips around the base to secure it into place, and form the chignon shape. Work visually to balance the bun all the way around and finish with a firm hold spray.

Half up half down wedding hair style

The wavy Half-up
For brides who prefer the comfort of long, loose hair, the half-up style is perfect. This works beautifully with delicate necklines and strapless details on your gown…

Step one Rough dry your hair after applying a heat protector and setting spray throughout. This will ensure a texture with grips to create your waves. Using a large barrel curling tong, take medium sections of your hair and wrap around holding your tong vertically to create cascading spiral curls. Once all the curls have cooled, lightly comb through with a large rake comb to open up the waves.

Step two Take a top section working from temple to temple back to the top of the crown, and section off. Arrange the loose waves in the rest of your hair and spray up and into the lengths to support the curls and prevent them from dropping.

Step three Backcomb the top section roots to develop flattering height and using your fingers, smooth over the section surface to neaten it without spoiling the wavy texture in the process. Using a brush will flatten out the waves you have created. Holding the top section in your hand, as if to do a ponytail, twist and push up the crown to arrange the half-up shape. Once you’re happy with its fullness, use kirby grips and push up and into the twist centre to securely hold. Spray again upwards to support the pinned section and blend the remaining waves in with the rest of the hair.

The textured Beehive
A glamorous updo, this shape is universally flattering and complements embellished necklines and halterneck gowns perfectly…

Step one Work a strong-hold mousse through wet hair and blow dry, setting with velcro rollers as you go. This creates fantastic volume and movement which is essential to the look.

Step two Once cool, remove the rollers and shake your hair our vigorously to blend away section lines and ruffle up the hairs’ texture. Separate into a top and bottom section and clip the top out of the way. Brush your hair over the back of your head and to the side, spraying over the surface as you go to smooth into place. Pushing upwards towards the base of your crown, pin some grips in a vertical line from the nape to secure the side. Repeat brushing back on the other side to the central pinned line, and imagine you are going to fold and roll this section upwards like an ice-cream cone, pinning along the line to fully secure into a twist.

Step three Tucking any excess hair underneath, release the voluminous top section and rake your fingers back to form a full curvy shape with texture and roll under at the crown connecting this to the twist below. Put the grips firmly into place, teasing any gaps between the two sections to cover them fully.

Step four Here’s a top editorial hair trick for you all! Take a clean blusher brush and very gently sweep over the top surface of your hair, disturbing light strands of your hair to create a soft, undone texture, and spray to finish. Vavoom and glamour achieved!

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